Founder: Burgers by the Beach
Co-Founder: Windy City Burger Club

I am the dedicated grill-man of all the family BBQ's. My love for burgers began when I was tailgating at a football game. The smell, the fire, the taste. It all blended perfectly and has now grown into an obsession that has taken on new meaning. Creating a burger social club gave me a way to get my friends together. Also, it allowed me to explore the various menus that populated his surrounding cities. Chicago is where it all started. A couple of friends meeting for burgers. "We should do this monthly." And so it began... Windy City Burger Club was formed. Then I relocated to South Florida, so did my love for burgers. We expanded the club to now include 'Burgers by the Beach'.

My blogging adventures have led me to be apart of some amazing food events:
- BurgerFi 4th of July Burger Eating Contest MC (2012 / 2013)
- Burger Beast Food Truck's Best Breakfast Judge (2012)
- Burger Beast Hotdog Fest Plantation MC (2013)
- Foodtruck Invaision's Best Burger Judge (2013)
- Boca Burger Battle Judge (2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015)
- Ft. Lauderdale Riverwalk Burger Battle Judge (2013)
- Burger Beast Burgie Award Presenter (2012 / 2013 / 2014)
- Burger Beast Burgie event HOST (2015)
- Chef vs Chef Judge @ Max's Harvest - Week 3 (2015)

Co-Founder: Burgers by the Beach

What can I say, I like toppings!  Whether it be a sauce, vegetable or odd thing you can put on top, I’m sure to like it, hence the nickname Sgt. Sauce.  Some same that simplicity is the key. Nah, I say bring on the extras!  Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m lucky that all of my taste buds work independently and I can taste all the different combinations coming together.  I will try anything once. Like my momma used to say, “If you don’t try it, you’ll never know!”

I have always been one for a good burger. It started when I was little and would help my dad out in the backyard during BBQ’s. I was the designated water sprayer incase the flames got to high. The bonding that my dad and I had standing out there in the backyard talking about life and the nuggets of experience he passed onto me while we waited for the burgers to be done is something that will always stay with me and that I will pass onto my son. LIVE LIFE. USE TOPPINGS.

Co-Founder: Burgers by the Beach

Miami Hurricanes, Miami Dolphins, tailgating, burgers. Need I say more. That's how I got the taste for burgers. Getting together before the game, everybody hanging out having a good time. The smell of the burgers in the air  is intoxicating. At 6'5 singles will just not do. Therefore, I am Double Stack.

(our resident Vegetarian)

I started loving burgers at a young age, watching those hanging sides of beef at Fuddrucker's turn into delicious morsels.  Then becoming the grill king at bbq's for with friends and family I started tweaking recipes and methods.  As time went on I began searching for ways to live a healthier life while also having a smaller impact on the planet and found that becoming vegetarian was a way to help accomplish that.  I now seek out the tastiest veggie burgers South Florida has to offer.