Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Bomb - Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

If Guy Fieri features it on Triple D then I have to try it right?

How does this sound? A 1/2lb burger, topped with hickory bacon, cheddar cheese and onion strings... Sounds like an instant classic right? What if the burger is then wrapped in home-made pizza dough, baked and served with a horseradish ale dipping sauce... Wait, backup... wrapped in pizza dough and baked? YUP!

Well after making my way through the sampler menu this burger was a no brainer.

I have to say, first bite was hot, temperature, not flavor. So it took me a minute to really dive in... But when i did. I was really surprised. This was just as advertised! The bomb! They don't fake you out with some make shift frozen dough. This was legit pizza dough wrapped around the burger. Even baked, the burger was not overdone. Bacon stayed crispy and the dipping sauce was contagious! I couldn't get enough... A bit greasy but overall really good!

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Burger Beast Museum

First things first... Congrats to my buddy and fellow food blogger BURGER BEAST on reaching 20K Instagram followers. That being said, he decided to host a contest for those followers to get an exclusive tour of his personal collection, now turned Burger Beast Burger Museum. Each contest winner received a goodie bag with gift cards from local Cuban Guys, Pincho Factory & Food Truck invasion. Of course an "I visited the Burger Beast Burger Museum" button & Burger Beast cooking apron. Also, everyone was treated to burgers from South Beachs' own Cheeseburger Baby truck & HipPops gelato bars, Sixpoint beers & a few croquettas from Palomilla Grill.

Stepping inside really gives you a sense of dedication Sef has had all his life. This passion for burgers runs deep. From the classic uniforms to the original drive thru signs, matchbooks, coffee mugs & posters, this has great potential to become an iconic landmark for food lovers.

The memorabilia really took me back... One of my earliest memories is actually a birthday party I had at Burgers King... and we had to stack Whopper boxes as high as we could for a game. Yeah, simpler times, lol. Not only that, who can forget running around the McDonaldsland playgrounds and jumping all over the giant bobble mascots... Well Burger Beast has Mayor McCheese in his office! Amazing!!!

I'll let the photos take you back, just like it did for me... Enjoy!