Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Burger Craze - Deerfield Beach

Who would of thought the "Burger Mecca" of South Florida could end up right here in my backyard in Deerfield Beach. Within a 5 mile radius you now have Charm City Burger Co., Gimme A Burger, BurgerFi, Five Guys, Duffy's, Bru's Room, Flannigans, the Pocket Burger Press manufacturer and now introducing Burger Craze

Connected to the beach-front Wyndham Hotel on A1A in Deerfield Beach this ocean-side burger joint serving up a crazy menu of 20 burger options. The best part about it... not a single burger is over $11. Even the Ahi Tuna, marinated in ponzu topped with a wasabi-mayo asian slaw will run you $9.50. And yes, the menu is a la carte, so an order of fries will range from $2.75 (regular fries) to $4.50 (sweet potato waffle fries) with options for cajun, parmesan truffle or chili fries as well... 

Oh yeah, if you happen to see one of the Burger Craze serves on the beach make sure to place an order with them. They deliver! Yup. No need to leave the sun & sand. They will bring the burgers & drinks right to you in biodegradable boxes, napkins, cups etc. 
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I was hoping to dive into a few of these "crazy" creations but had to settle for the slider versions during the tasting event. Hard to get a good gauge on the size and toppings when presented with sliders (SPOILER ALERT), it didn't bother me at all... I'll be back to try a few options in the very near future! 

Now back to our regular scheduled blog post: 
The meat is 100% angus beef. It tasted a lot like if I were to grill burgers at home. A few were lacking seasoning but again, these were sliders however it didn't seem like much seasoning was added to the meat. They focused a lot on the toppings.

My hands down favorites of the night went to: The French Apple ($8) - topped with a caramelized apple, applewood bacon & melted brie. The Caliente ($7.50) - ground chorizo, pepper jack cheese, guacamole & jalapeƱo. Over The Top ($11) - kobe beef, topped with foie gras pate, arugula, truffle oil & raspberry jam. TOP CHOICEThats All Folks ($8.50) - Korean Pork Belly, topped with pickled relish on a bed of lettuce. No bun. No problem. This 4 hour marinated pork belly was out of this world!

Sure they've got appetizers... but when every appetizer on the menu is more expensive than the burgers, why start there... Go right for the stars of the show BURGERS!!!  Although, if you're going to try any of them, let me recommend the Pork Wings ($12) - pork shanks tossed in a Carolina Jack BBQ Sauce.

May is National Burger Month and Burger Craze will be celebrating on May 28th with a "Monster Piece" creation. They are issuing a challenge to anyone who can stomach it. Let me introduce to you the DEFEAT THE MEAT - 8lb Burger Challenge! When they make the annoucement official, you can head over to either they website or Facebook page to sign up. You will have 45 min to eat the entire thing! No joke. This is HUGE! If you plan to take the challenge, please email me so I can be there to document the entire thing. 


2096 NE 2nd St
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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