Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tilted Kilt - Boca Raton, FL

If you haven't heard by now, Tilted Kilt has invaded South Florida. This sports bar, Irish pub-style eatery has laid claim to a few hot spots and is looking to make a splash in the "breastaurant" business. Right off of Airport Road / Glades (I-95 exit), Tilted Kilt is serving up a sports bar menu with some Irish flare. We couldn't pass up the chance to see what all the fuss was about. The"Big Arse" burger menu showcases 1/2lb - "butcher blend" of ride-eye, sirloin & brisket meats. Never frozen. On a butter toasted bun. The 7 choices cater to all taste buds...

Today I was looking forward to the Pub Fried Egg Burger. At $12 its on the high end for a sports bar. However, after chatting with the owner for a little it I got a good sense that the quality of ingredients were paid proper attention. 

The burger was cooked perfect. Asked for medium... Perfect. Which for a sports bar, packed at 12pm for lunch is solid. However, the meat it self could of used a little more seasoning. You could tell the freshness of the meat when biting into it. Bacon on top was crispy. Fried egg was done real well also. Not to runny. No over cooked. A nice amount of yolk added to the flavor. 

Overall Rating: Rare (1 worst) - Well-Done (5 best)
Tilted Kilt - Boca Raton, FL - Pub Fried Egg Burger: Medium-Well (4)

Tilted Kilt
3300 Airport Rd 
Boca Raton, FL 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dixie Grill - West Palm Beach

If Pee Wee Herman and the Biker Gang joined together to own a bar, this would be Dixie Grill. The place is covered wall to wall, floor to ceiling, with collected goodies. Great outdoor patio seating right on US1. Friday night trivia. a huge menu of craft brews on draft. Bartender knew her shit!

This local dive bar has turned itself into hip craft beer bar with great attention to detail when it comes to the food. It's a lonely drive down US1 around Dixie Grill but the bright lights and full parking lot make this a must stop for a burger.

First let me talk about this pretzel bread with beer cheese soup appetizer... Yup! A delicious mouthful. As soon as this showed up in front of me, the couple next to me began whisper. I leaned over and told them not to be shy. This place gives us a friendly, share with your neighbor, kinda vibe... Fresh, hot,  salty bread. Smooth & cheesy soup/dip. I can go on and on but i'll let your eyes do the tasting with the photo posted. I made a lot of new friends a the bar with this appetizer!

The burger menu is solid. Fresh ground / hand-made patties. After already tasting the Beer-Cheese dip sauce I can only imaging how good the "Dixie Signature Burger" is with that on top of it... I opt'd to go with the "Black & Bleu Burger." I'm a sucker for bleu cheese. Some think its too much but I can handle it all the way through every bite. Although I'll be back for the "Fire Burger"...

The bleu cheese was so fresh. Burger was cooked perfectly! Asked for medium. Go medium. And for a burger this large thats impressive. Soft butter-grilled bun. Which is nice on a burger this large. You really want to get a good grip, squeeze together and get all the toppings in one bite. The onions got a bit lost but thats because the bleu cheese was amazing. Bacon. Mmmmm Bacon. Not overdone at all. I could do without a salad on a burger like this but placing the lettuce and tomato on the bottom is a nice way to hide it (I just slid the tomato off).

Overall Rating: Rare (1) to Well-Done (5)
Dixie Grill - Well-Done (5)

I'm putting this burger on my hidden gem list for sure...
If you don't know. Now you know.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Leftovers Cafe - Jupiter, Fl

Go for the fish. Not the burgers.

There's a reason places charge $11 for their burger. $1 extra each for cheese, yes cheese (cheddar or swiss), bacon or fried egg. It's just an obligitory menu item that has no thought or reason for being served. 

Leftovers has great good. Specials change twice a day. Fresh fish brought in right from the boats in Jupiter. Creative combinations of flavors. Crafts beers from all the US on tap and bottle. 

When I ordered the burger, I was taken back when the server asked, "bun or wrap." Huh? I guess in Jupiter you have to cater every menu item to the "health nuts." I opt'd to add cheddar cheese because they didn't have American. The burger itself has a solid chat but was tasted like a home grilled patty. Nothing worth $11 that would blow my taste buds away. Next time I'll listen to the server and  go with one of the specials. 

Overall rating (Rare 1 to Well-Done 5):
Leftovers - Medium (3)

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