Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yelp BPB's BURSTDay Party

Stay tuned for live photo updates from tonights #BURSTDay Party!

This is truly going to be the best 1 year old birthday party I've attended… With over 15 food vendors, over 10 drink vendors and the amazing exhibits of the Young At Art Museum make for a perfect combination to celebrate the best review (well second best to us of course, lol) website South Florida offers.

Party Map of tonight festivities:

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sharing your leftovers… - Le Tub

Momma and Poppa made their way down to Le Tub in Ft Lauderdsle for an early evening dinner and we're not that impressed... Poppa gave it a 5 out of 10. "It was a big burger (13oz) but the meat had very little taste. No seasoning."

With the explosion of craft burger places all over S Florida, has one of Oprah's favorite things lost it's luster?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Burger House - Boca Raton, FL

Less than a month ago a fresh smell of grease hit the air in Boca Raton. Just west of Federal Highway on Spanish River Blvd lies the Boca Burger House. This little burger joint is packing a serious punch. Monster sized burgers with fresh toppings creating a mouthwatering experience. We popped in for lunch to an empty dining room (12pm) but that soon changed as every booth was full within 15 min. Not even a month in business and word is spreading…

The menu is pretty straight forward. They don't go crazy with "pub style / hand crafted / gourmet" burgers… They stick to the basics and do them well.

Big Mat with Cheese , NickFuse joined myself, Lunchbox for the afternoon delight. We all found something different to order… Big Mat with Cheese went with the Black n' White Burger with added jalapeƱos (kid loves his jalapeƱos). NickFuse had the California Burger. While Lunchbox went with the Super House Special.

All in all, we were pretty unanimous that the flavors of each burger was great. However, the toppings may of been a bit overwhelming. Just too much. Every combination of flavor for the burgers was spot on. The cilantro dip on the California burger was perfect. Keep that with a simple slice of red onion and keep the avocado and the burger is perfectly light with a spicy kick. Not falling apart as soon as you pick it up. Also, the fried egg and bacon on the Super House Burger were right on but the amount of onion… 2 fully sliced onions just was overkill & not enough "magic sauce". Lastly, the Blue Cheese on the Black n' White was very fresh just overpowering when every single bite is fully loaded with blue cheese. Sometimes it can be too much.

WOW! We had to try the homemade, yes home made pies! Boca Style creamy cheesecake with a bit of a ricotta cheese filling. A NY Style turtle cheesecake. Lastly we tried the Islamorada style Key lime Pie. I'm not sure what awards they have won for what seems to be self-proclaimed "award winning burgers" but I can tell you that these dessert are officially in 1st place in my book!

Overall Rating: Rare (1- worst) to Well-Done (5-best)
Boca Burger House… Medium Well (4)

For the full menu, visit:

  • 499 NE Spanish River Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

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