Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Super Dave's Diner - Boca Raton

Slowly becoming the go-to local BBQ joint in East Boca, Super Dave's Diner has marinated it's way right into the stomachs of many food critics. I for one, love me some BBQ but today was all about the burger. Yes, Super Dave has is own bottled sauce and yes, he has his own bottled conch batter but again, we're here for the burger. After a solid showing at the Boca Burger Battle back in July, it was time to head over there to give the "Boca Burger Battle Burger" a try...

This mountain of fried pickles, fired tomatoes and fried red onions topped the full pound-double patty beef burger along with cheese and Dave's Special Sauce.

Every bite had great flavor. The meat was seasoned nicely. The fried veggies we're not overdone and not overly breaded to really overpower the heaviness of the burger. Yes, I know, it's a lot of fried food on a burger but it all became a nice soggy/juicy/sweet topping when combined with the special sauce.

As we we're eating this, Dave actually decided to make himself one for lunch. You know its good when the Chef/Owner is so impressed (and hungry) that he makes himself the signature burger.

Overall Rating: RARE (1-worst) to WELL-DONE (5-best)
Super Dave's Diner = Medium Well (4)

2166 N Dixie Hwy 
Boca RatonFL33431

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