Monday, February 25, 2013

Bacon Fest 2013 - Coconut Creek Casino

I'm still burping up bacon. I have brushed my teeth countless times. Nothing has gotten rid of the Bacon Flavor in my mouth. I'm not complaining but one man can only eat so much Bacon in one night. For any of the 2,500+ people who were there, I'm sure they know this feeling. As the night went on, the lines got longer, making it hard to enjoy everything the event had to offer. But that wasn't going to stop anyone. Most people I talked too had eaten enough and really were enjoying themselves.

Yes, bacon was truly the star of the show. From Bacon Fest Slap Bracelets to the Harlem Shake with Bacon Bites Mascot "Smokey the Pig" - Bacon Fest truly celebrated the swine. 20+ vendors put their best spin on bacon and served it up in ways you could only dream: Bacon Covered Twinkies, yes! Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings, yes! Bacon & Jalapeno Ragoon, yes! Apple-Caramel Bacon Cake Pops, yes! Need I go on? You can read the menu from all the vendors at the bottom of this post. I'm beginning to sweat bacon... I showed up with an empty stomach and left with a heart full of Bacon. No I haven't scheduled a cardiologist appointment... yet, but this much bacon may of put my over the edge. I'll need a Bacon Detox. I'm sure someone, somewhere has invented one.

Aside from all the guests getting to devour the bacon, a panel of judges - local and national celebrity - were on-hand to judge 3 categories: Appetizer, Entree, Dessert. The host of the event and national celebrity judge - Chef Todd Fisher from US of Bacon TV show. If not for bacon, I'm sure he would or possibly is a stand up comedian. He was a great host for the event, as he stated so perfectly, "All thats missing this year is a Bacon Slip-N-Slide."

Event Winners:
Appetizer - Kapow Noodle Bar (Boca Raton)
Entree - Gimme-A-Burger (Deerfield Beach)
Dessert - Bacon Bites (New Jersey)
* See full menu for details of each winning dish

Personal Favorites:
Creativity - Sybarite's: Bacon Pinwheels
Best Flavor - Shooters: Bacon Reuben Crisp
Best Burger - Smokey Bones: Applewood Bacon infused Pretzel Bun Slider

Amongst the Bacon, they sprinkled in a few entertainers... Power 96's own DJ Zog (personal local favorite) mixed everything from Old School to Classic Rock. Then we were treated to a solid, funny, entertaining performance by The Dan Band (yes, the dirty cover band seen on big screen films such as Hangover & Old School). They truly are the #1 cover band. Played almost a full hour set along with "3 fake encores" of the most popular songs from the movies.

Then came Kevin Bacon. Yes. Actor Kevin Bacon was, of course, at Bacon Fest. His Bacon Brothers Band put on quite a performance. I don't know if its just the allure of Kevin Bacon or if they really enjoyed the music but the crowd was into it. I don't think anyone knew the lyrics but it didn't stop them from dancing. I'm sorry I didn't buy a "limited edition" Bacon Brothers T-Shirt... Maybe next time.

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek did not disappoint either. They put on a great event! Also, the marketing team at The Buzz Agency, carnival game operators, Chefs, vendors... Job well done! 

Here is a full MENU from the vendors that attended:
1.     Bacon Bites - Chocolate, peanut butter covered bacon
2.     Big City Tavern - Bacon wrapped porchetta
      with bacon crusted cider donuts & maple glaze
3.     Bru’s Room Sports Grill - Bru’s Triple Collosal Bacon Threat Wings
4.     Caffe Luna Rosa - Bacon maple flavored popcorn topped with jalapeño bacon salt 
      and a jalapeño bacon salted virgin bloody mary
5.  Gimme a Burger - Bacon Burger
6.     Grind Espresso - Swedish bacon ginger snaps 
      and ice latte garnished with chocolate bacon
7.     Hibiscus Café - Bacon quiche
8.     Jodi’s Cupcakes - Maple Bacon mini-cupcakes
9.     Kapow! Noodle Bar - Bacon and jalapeño rangoon with chimmchuri sauce 
      and a shot of a smoked strawberry lemonade with bacon salt
10.  La Marquise Desserts - Peanut butter, chocolate bacon mousse 
11.  Lime Mexican Grille - Bacon, bean and cheese quesadillas
12.  Melting Pot - Chocolate bacon fondue and bacon milkshakes
13.  Over the Top Culinary Affairs
14.  Red Rock Oasis - Bacon-wrapped fried shrimp w/ cream cheese and jalapeño 
15.  Rock n’ Roll Ribs - Chili topped with bacon and sour cream
16.  Shooters - Bacon Reuben Crisp
17.  Smokey Bones - Bacon 'infused' cheddar pretzel sliders with basil mayo
18.  Susy Pops - Bacon cake-pops
19.  Sybarite Pig - Piggy Pin Wheel
20.  The Gypsy Horse - Flavored Bacon Twists

Food Trucks:
1.     Ms. Cheezious (Burgie Awards Best Food Truck Miami/Dade) - Grilled blue and bacon

Please enjoy these tasty pics & resist the temptation to eat your screen!

 Keg Bowling

Melting Pot & Gimme-A-Burger

Susy Pops

Brus' Room

Cafe Luna Rosa & Lime Fresh

Sybarite & Hibiscus Cafe

Dada's & Kapow Boodle Bar

Shooter's & Ms. Cheezious

Smokey Bones & Bacon Bites

La Marquise & Cafe Luna Rosa

Bacon Girls & yes... Free Bacon!

Jane the Mechanical Pig

True Bacon Lovers!


Bacon Fest 2013 - Harlem Shake

Bacon Fest 2013 - Jan the Mechanical Pig