Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shula Burger - Delray Beach

What is it about Shula Burger that attracts so many people? How good are these burgers?

I walked in at 7pm (Wednesday night) to find the registers closed & a 20 min wait to order because the "kitchen is backed up." These are counter service burgers & on the 2nd day of being opened they are that backed up? This is in a new shopping plaza in West Delray and the cheapest option, so I do understand the draw, but not being prepared on the 2nd night of is rough. Hope it's worth the wait.

After noticing up to 7 burgers at one point just sitting in the kitchen window... I knew this was going to be a long wait. 

They list the burgers as a Signature Blend of Angus chuck, short rib & brisket. Always fresh. Never frozen. (starting to become a watered-down marketing ploy in the burger industry that really doesn't help sell the burger quality much more). Always cooked medium. A single Shula Burger is $6.49 ($2.99 extra for a double).  It's a pretty small patty that it hidden in the bun. Why shredded lettuce? And I never got to the pickle because its sliced long and was placed at the edge. Yes, I could of started from that side of the burger but I didn't so it actually took away from the overall experience. I shouldn't have to open a burger to look for toppings. I should be able to taste them with every bite. The Specialty burger - The Don $9.99 (Two classics on one bun: burger/hot dog with pickle, American cheese, onion sauce, mustard on a brioche bun). This was messy. They overdid the ketchup/mustard so the burger became sloppy. The hotdog is a cool feature but have you ever been to a BBQ and watched a friend or family member eat these two at the same time? Maybe on the same plate, but never together. 

Maybe I should of tried a specialty burger. The burger loving couple I met had The Wine County Burger:  roasted pepper, goat cheese, balsamic greens & roasted tomato -&- The French Onion Burger: caramelized onions, double gruyere cheese, garlic mayo & crushed garlic croutons... and without hesitation said they'd be back again. 

I will be back to try more on the menu but overall, first time trying The Classic & The Don really didn't sit well with me. Maybe there really is validation why I decided to give up on the Miami Dolphins franchise as a fa and join my wife's Baltimore Ravens... 

I did however LOVE the Sweet Potato Tots. Soft. Moist. Seasoned very well with a cinnamon sugar blended into the tot. Job well done there! 

Overall Rating: Rare (1) - Well-Done (5 best)
Shula Burger - Delray Beach = Medium (3)

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  1. Shula Burger attracts so many people...that's great! You have shared good and interesting information about the burgers and menu of this place. Burgers seems so delicious.

  2. Thanks for trying us out! And we appreciate your honest feedback. Our goal is for you to enjoy your experience each step of the way, so this helps us improve. We are glad you loved the sweet potato tots and hope you’ll be back! In fact, next time you visit, why don’t you try one of the specialty burgers you mentioned on us?

    Elisabeth and the Shula Burger Team

  3. Thanks Elisabeth... We'll be back real soon!

  4. I agree with many of the negative comments about the Shula Burger store in Delray. You'll have to do a better job to score a touchdown with me.