Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Sharing our leftovers..." PGA Beer Fest & Burger Bash

Member Post - "Big Mat with Cheese"

I was honored to accompany Burgers by the Beach to experience North Palm Beach's burger offerings at the PGA National's 2nd Annual - Craft Beer Fest & Burger Bash. Many people came out but the most notable participant there, the sun. Hot and muggy also attended but we barreled through and made a point to sample everything, including all the beers.... In the end, we the people, were asked to choose three: Best Alternative, Best Innovative and King of All Burgers

Here's my selections:
Best Alternative Burger - Mrs. Smokey's Fried Biscuit Brisket
Even though this contribution followed the meat-in-a-bun format, the elements were off the typical path leading to a pleasant surprise. The batter-fried bun was moderately sweet and was reminiscent of fried goodies you'd find at a state fair or a carnival. The smokey pulled-pork and cole-slaw topping established a theme of southern flair and charm. All these flavors blended nicely in the end.  

Best Innovative Burger - Hurricane Café's Molé Burger
I will venture north and hunt this one down to have again. Here's why…
Creekstone Farms Angus Beef, Andres's Red Molé Sauce, Crispy Cabbage, Smoked Pork Belly, Queso Fresco, Chile Sauce, Cilanto & Green Onion, Pretzel Bun. Layers of unique ingredients = layers of complexity. I plan on writing a poem about the after-taste on this monster. This creation was what half of this festival was about to me, something new and unique. 

King of All Burgers - Frigate's Waterfront Bar & Grille
The other half of this experience was wanting something classic/traditional. This burger kept to simple and had all around great burger taste. For me, a great burger starts with simplicity and being cooked right. Trying to achieve simplicity can easily border on bland. This burger was cooked just right, leaving some pink in the middle letting juices release upon first bite.  

But in the end, after 2,000 other votes, the Official Winners were:
Best Alternative Burger - Mrs. Smokey's (Fried Biscuit Brisket Slider)
Most Innovative Burger - Hog Snappers (Tuna Burger)
King of All burgers - CHUCK Burger Joint (Cheeseburger)

Hey burger lovers, Lunchbox here...
Yet again, after a case of the 24hr Meat Sweats, not only from the burgers but beer & sun combo, we've gotten around to writing up our review. 'Tis the season for burger festivals. The addition of over 20 beer vendors + random artists was a welcoming change of pace. It truly had more of a laid back festival vibe than an All You Can Eat Buffet... Couldn't really hear the band (blown speakers make for muffled music) but it wasn't stopping anyone from enjoying the day. Over 2,000 people packed the event space which surprisingly so, we truly never had to wait for a burger or beer. We walked right up to every vendor. BONUS POINTS for that PGA National. Well-Done! 

Here's a larger taste of how much we enjoyed the event! 
Can't wait for next year...


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