Saturday, June 8, 2013

Minetta Tavern - NYC

The hype is real! This $27 Black Label Burger has achieved the ever so elusive 'burger nirvana.' After topping the NYC burger charts over the last few years there was no way I was missing out a chance to indulge my taste buds. Minetta Tavern is a classy steak joint in Greenwich Village using a great blend of chuck, short rib, brisket, skirt & rib eye. At $27 it tops the list of most expensive burgers I've ever tried. At that price it had to impress... Holy Cow! Perfect. Juicy. Tender. Amazing. Got the point?

The meat was so tender. Almost no need to chew. It was melting with every bite. The blend was so well crafted you can pretty much taste each cut of meat within the blend. Topped with a sautéed then caramelized onion adding a sweet taste to each bite. No cheese. And not needed. Why take away from the meat... 

Still over 25 minutes after eating I couldn't bring myself to even grab a cup of coffee & ruin the amazing flavor simmering around my mouth. 

Overall rating: Rare (1) to Well-Done (5)
Minetta Tavern = Well-Done (5)

Officially a top 5 burger for me now!

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