Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Grille - Boca Raton, FL

Seriously? With all the competitions going on in and around South Florida... You name your burger "Boca's Best Burger"... Well then, we have to try it! And we did. Best in Boca? No, sorry. Even though there may not be too much competition in Boca. It didn't crack the top of our list.

However, I was impressed with the solid 10oz portion of ground chuck. Seasoned and open flame grilled very well. Nothing impressive. Just a solid burger. The bun was a giant soft potato roll which held the burger together very nicely. I don't know why you would add $1 for cheese (only 3 options: Cheddar, Swiss & Provolone).  Seems like a typical Boca thing to do. Although, the place for lunch was slammed. It is right in the heart of the business district in East Boca off Yamato / 95, so that is to be expected. Burgers may not be their specialty but to advertise it as the "best"... Time to rethink your marketing.

Overall Rating: Rare (worst - 1) to Well-Done (best - 5):
The Grille - Medium (3)

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  1. Sorry...but The Grille's burgers are the best! Rethink your blog, and we patrons voted The Grille's as the best!

  2. Just curious: When was this "patrons" award given for Best Burger? I liked the burger... just didn't think it was great enough to crack my top 5 to be considered "the best"