Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grand Tavern - Delray Beach, FL

I originally wanted to title this post "Turnover Tavern" but after a solid 2 year stay, Grand Tavern has built quite the reputation in Delray. These days, its uncommon to see a local bar hang with the big boys. Grand Tavern hosts college night parties, 2 4 1 burger nights, trivia nights and with all the team flags hanging around the place its easy to imagine a large crowd on Saturdays & Sundays during football season.

I just so happened to pop in on the 1st day of 2 4 1 burgers to check out the menu... Pretty solid pub burgers to choose from; Ground chicken burger, sliders, BBQ burger & even a Breakfast burger to name a few. I decided to go with the Corned Beer Burger. Topped with corned beer, swiss cheese and house-made bistro sauce.

The corned beef on top of the burger was an interesting treat. Tasting borderline Rueben-like, the saltiness of the corned beef kept enhancing the overall taste of the burger. Cooked slightly above where I asked but I wasn't letting that stop me. The burger was also accompanied by some house-made chips. Always a plus.

Overall Rating: Rare (worst - 1) to Well-Done (best - 5)
Grand Tavern - Medium-Well (4)

710 Linton Blvd  Delray Beach, FL 33444

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  2. Thanks Ponte Vedra - we appreciate your support and continued loyalty to our love for burgers!