Friday, April 5, 2013

Max's Harvest - Delray Beach, FL

$21 Burger. Yup. We found it. And didn't have to go far either. Right in my backyard at Max's Harvest in Delray Beach. It's been near impossible to get a reservation here. The concept of Farm to Fork has gained popularity with the Delray crowd, making this the "hot spot" on the Ave for almost 2 years. Its great to see local farming making an impact in our community. With most of the food served being farmed no further than Palm Beach County, and with daily deliveries being made, you truly are eating the freshest ingredients $$ can buy.

We started off with the Daily Soup - Tomato Bisque with small grilled cheese slices for dunking. Brings me back to camp days. I love the combo. I really enjoyed the appetizer. Something so simple brings the child out in all of us.

We also ordered Deviled Heritage Hen Farm Eggs - chives, truffle sea salt & champagne vinegar. The eggs were incredibly light but the "deviled" part was a bit too sweet for our taste. Almost tasted like it was made with relish. Didn't do it for us. And for $5 - 4 eggs seems a bit steep.

But our main focus was "The" Burger! At $21 its gotta wow me. Its made with Dry Aged Prime, House Sauce, Aged Grafton Cheddar, Brioche Roll & All the Fixin's (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion). I also went ahead and added the House Smoked Bacon ($2). Which now brings me to a $23 burger. A burger can be defined in many ways. I tend to think of hamburgers as a social food, gaining popularity in a down-economy. Making it easy to cook/order with an entire family on a budget. I also feel the same way about "Farm to Fork." Shouldn't an order that is cutting out the middle-man distributor cost less? I understand bulk orders = less overhead cost but getting food direct from the farm shouldn't increase the cost just because its "thats fresh." ... but I digress.

Yes, I know your asking yourself. This burger was worth every dollar of its $23 price tag. As another guest sitting next to us told the waiter, "It's like a meatloaf on a bun. It's huge." We weren't the only table to order it... I saw at least 3 more going out to guests. Could be because it's the cheapest item on the menu but as I tasted, it truly was a knockout item! The handmade patty was oversized. Cooked EXACTLY the way I asked (huge plus for me) and had such an incredible fresh taste. I know. I know. Thats the point right. But even the tomato seemed like taking a bite right off the vine. Each bite got better than the next.

Overall Rating: Rare (worst-1) to Well-Done (best-5)
Max's Harvest = WELL-DONE (5)

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