Monday, March 18, 2013

Sybarite Pig - Boca Raton, FL

Listen up Boca. There is no reason to be suckered into the chain restaurants anymore! The locals already know and it's time the word spreads to help you stay away from the over priced, reservations only, full-stacked menus & bright lights of West Boca. The Sybarite Pig brings their Craft Beers & Craft Grub right into the belly of the beast. You can find them on the NE corner of 441/Glades. Yup...

Sybarite Pig brings the right attitude to craft beers. They don't just overload the taps and stock the coolers with everything you can already buy in Publix. Owner, Daniel Naumko, has collected a fine selection from the top craft breweries in the US and brought them down south to us! Yes, he has Cigar City, but he takes it to the next level with their hard to find, specialties like Gauanabana. Haven't had it yet? My point exactly. Along side Daniel, his wife & in-house baker, are preparing the breads and pastries for the menu. Sybarite keeps it local and fresh. A fresh change from every other place surrounding them just a few steps away.

With 2 burgers on the menu... No, wait. I need to begin with the house-made sausage! I ordered the Pistachio Pork Sausage sandwich. I couldn't get passed the name on the menu. It tasted just as good as it sounds. I had no intentions of eating the whole thing, knowing I had a burger to try later on, but after 2 perfectly paired craft beers, the sausage didn't stand a chance. Slightly dry, but when you slice in half to finish off the cooking, thats going to happen. But it took nothing away from the flavor at all. I chose the Mac & Cheese to go with it... SURPRISE! It was made with bow-tie pasta & what seemed to be up-to 3 different kinds of cheese. It was nice to see such a small portioned side dish so perfectly executed! I'll be emailing Daniel for the recipe as soon as this blog goes live...

Okay... burger time! I was instantly drawn to the Tri-Tip Burger (a bottom-sirloin cut) on a kaiser roll, tomato, red onion, shallot jelly & aioli sauce. The burger is not overwhelming at all. It's a simple hand-made patty, that is flat top grilled & remained incredibly juicy. Again, every bite was sweet and spicy. I didn't know what to expect from the toppings but I am going out on the edge here and placing this onto my top 5 creative burgers. Most places have a hard time combining flavors and for a craft burger, this was done VERY-WELL! I paired the burger with the Duck Fat Potato Salad. The combo of red potatoes & creamy duck fat sauce that is finished with Chicarron (Go ahead - Wikipedia it) didnt last long either.

Throughout the night, the crowd filled in. From the family reuniting to the live acoustic musicians & the girls night out laughing it up, everyone was having a good time. No one had to wait at the bar for a drink. It was nice to enjoy a Friday night out without having to knock people over, scream across the bar or pay $10 for a beer.

Overall Rating - Rare (1) to Well-Done (5):
The Sybarite Pig - WELL-DONE (5)

20642 State Road 7
Boca Raton, FL

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