Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Sharing our leftovers..."

Opening soon in Boca Raton & North Miami Beach!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Relish - West Palm Beach, FL

This was a fun experience... Relish has really put a nice twist on the "create-your-own" burger joints popping up everywhere. They specialize in the relish toppings. Not only can you enjoy Buffalo, Italian Sausage, Veal, Wild Boar, Lamb or even a Shrimp burger (to name a few...) You also have a selection of over 20 relish toppings to add onto your burger.

In addition to trying a new burger restaurant, we were joined this evening by 2 new honorary members of Burgers by the Beach, from the Palm Beach Post: Media Savvy & Fish Eye. We're going to be published!!!! Keep your eyes out for a local food selection write up in the Palm Beach Post very soon... We really had some good laughs last night with them & we're eagerly looking forward to seeing Media Savvy's article & the great photos taken by Fish Eye.

Double Stack ordered a Beef Burger with Scotch Bonnet Mango Relish. When it arrived in front of him, it just looked to pretty for a manly-man like Double Stock but he REALLY enjoyed it. Cooked perfectly & complimented well by the relish topping. He mentioned a few times, that he really is looking forward to coming back...

Rating: Well-Done

After being the first one to arrive and still staring at the menu for 20 minutes... Sgt. Sauce switch it up a bit and ordered a Lamb Burger with the Tangy Tzatziki Relish. Really fresh & flavorful. Ground lamb was a first for Sgt. Sauce. He was expecting it to be sliced gyro meat on a bun. Nope. Really happy with the way it turned out. The solid 1/2 lb (after cooking) burger really held up. It turned into a finger licking good burger...

Rating: Well-Done

Lunchbox went further off the grid and ordered the Italian Sausage burger with Drunken Onions relish (with a side of the Sweet Roasted Tomato relish). When placed down on the table, you could really smell the sausage. I was prepared to get messy but I was not prepared for the amazing sweet onions that were on top. They really set it off for me! The overall flavor of the sausage was great. smokey, fennel mild sausage. True italian flavors in a 1/2 lb burger patty. You can really tell they take pride in what they make at Relish. All home made. Prepared fresh. WELL-DONE!

Rating: Well-Done

We couldn't help but notice all the other great burgers being sent out of the kitchen. So we stopped a few people to get their reactions and they were just as pleased! These sun-soaked ladies dove right into their burgers and still had room for a Relish Shake & one of our leftover donuts... OH YEAH, try the donuts! WOW!

Fish Eye capturing our Blogging Experience

Red Velvet Shake

Sgt Sauce and his shake

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Campfire Shake!

Thanks to Relish and their staff!!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boca Burger Battle - The Results

There was no way a 5 minute rain shower was going to stop this event. It was an honor to be asked to Judge the First Annual Boca Burger Battle "A Grilling Affair."

View from the Grill Masters Judges Table

With over 20 food vendors serving up Burgers, of course, fries, wings and ice cream. Even a spice bar to make your own BBQ rubs. We could tell, with the view from the judges table, that the crowd was eager to get eating as quick as possible... So were we. After our VIP Jack Daniels cocktail, the judges were on our way to the Grill Masters Judges Table!

Let's EAT!

Thank You Jack Daniels!
The first burger arrived at 7:05pm on the dot! We were only provided #'s. No Names. A description of the burger that each contestant had provided (some just were not as descriptive as others... i.e - we get a Burger and their description simply stated "Vegan Burger." I would of loved to know what exactly made up the burger because it happened to be very good.) Either way, the overall quality of the burgers I ate was incredible. Job well done to ALL of the contenders!

The portions we were given to judge were small (we did have 20 to try!)... Either a slider, half of a burger or 1/4 slices of a burger. Which actually didn't help the judging. They should of at least provided the judge with half. How can we really get a sense of flavor or if its cooked well enough from a burger cut in a 1/4 size bite. The 1/4 bite sizes actually had the most issues. Missing onions. No bleu cheese. Take note contenders... Serve solid portions! We actually got a burger that was 100% PLAIN. The description had fried pickles, fried tomatoes, fried onion strings & a special sauce. It showed up plain! WOW.

Each contender did have to serve a Presentation Burger which was 1/3 of the point system (1/3 - taste & 1/3 overall - 15pts max - 0 to 5pts per category) and I must say, they all looked incredible but why would some contenders only use the Judges Burger as their Presentation Burger? Unless you call your burger a Slider, do not present me with a slider to judge on presentation. Some were very heavy and other looked like they were cooked in my backyard.

BBQ burgers seemed to be a theme throughout the night. Others got creative; Adding beer as a meat seasoning, blending the meat with beef & turkey sausage (my favorite) and most really going overboard with their toppings. Sometimes, to create the best burger, you just need to focus on the meat and compliment it with a few toppings. I mean, do we really need, pears on a burger? Sliced pear. What does that even do for a burger? The burgers really did a great job with the flavor combinations. I was shocked to see how well grilled eggplant & cucumbers taste on a burger. Only 1 fried egg burger. And one contender had the freshest & hottest jalapenos on the planet!!!

By the end of the night we really had a clear cut winner amongst the judges. They split the contenders in 2 categories: Best Alternative Burger & Best Conventional Burger.

Judge's pick for Best Grill Master went to:
1st place - Rebel House
       - Rebel Burger: Charm City Sauce, Pickled Tomato, Crispy Onions & Sesame Bun
2nd place - Gimme A Burger
3rd place - Big Joe's Burgers & Wings 

Judge's pick for Best Alternative Grill Master went to:
1st place - The English Tap & Beer Garden 
      - Ahi Tuna Slider: Wasabi Mayo, Seaweed Salad, Baguette Slide Bun
2nd place - 4th Generation
3rd place - Irie Spice

People's Choice for Best Boca Burger went to:
1st place - Rebel House 
2nd place - Super Dave's Diner
3rd place - Red's Backwood BBQ

Burger Photos to be updated as more information is provided to the judges on our eating order...


Winner: Best Alternative Burger
(English Tap & Beer  Garden)

Winner: Best Conventional Burger
(Rebel House)

English Tap & Beer Garden
Best Alternative Burger
Ahi Tuna Slider

Rebel House
Best Conventional Burger &
Fan Favorite Vote
"Rebel Burger"
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dave & Busters - Summer of Games

One way to beat the heat this summer is to head indoors to Dave & Busters for their new "Games of Summer" promo.... Did that sound too journalistic? Ehh... Well, we did. For the burgers of course! The menu is quite extensive but it makes sense because just about every table we saw had no less than 4 people. So to please everyone, why not make your menu HUGE!

We really took full advantage of the menu and GAMES! The huge Connect Four interactive game became the most competitive game all night. Who thought a bunch of adults would still sit around and play connect four... I guess when you can win tickets to cash in for the most ridiculous looking stuffed monkey, WHY NOT!!!!

The brand new 5:15pm Appetizer is enough to get your juices flowing for sure! -  5 Buffalo Wings with your choice of Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing; 5 Chicken Quesadilla Wedges with salsa; 5 Pretzel Dogs; and 5 Crispy Fried Shrimp with spicy habanero sauce; complete with a stack of fresh BBQ potato chips... YES. ALL OF THAT. We had no idea what we were in for... Might be the best sampler platter app I've seen in a long time. Most places give 3 of each... No No. Dave & Busters goes BIG!

We had to try an extra order of the new Pretzel Dogs as well! How could you not, right?

All-beef franks wrapped in sweet pretzel dough, freshbaked and served with spicy habanero dipping sauce.

The new South Philly Burger: half-pound burger, seared and seasoned. Then it's loaded with thin-sliced steak imported directly from South Philly and grilled to perfection. Topped with peppers, onion, mushrooms and melted white American cheese on a toasted brioche bun. Served with over half a pound of seasoned fries.

This burger was the highlight of the night for us! Just about everyone had a bite. Meat on Meat. How can you go wrong? (Rating: Well-Done)

They also have a new Black & Bleu Burger: A half-pound of Angus beef seared with Cajun seasoning, topped with melted bleu cheese, plus frazzled and caramelized onions.
Add applewood smoked bacon. (Rating: Medium-Well)

Lunchbox enjoying his Black & Bleu Burger

We can't forget the Garden Burger: Chargrilled and specially seasoned veggie burger. Add American cheese. Our two resident Veggie Burger eaters we very pleased with the flavor. Didn't seem to pre-made frozen. Freshly grilled. (Rating: Medium-Well)
Vegmaster enjoying his Gardenburger
Lil Dipper enjoying her Busters Cheeseburger being photo-bombed by our server! HA.
Meat Sweats... just had enough! 

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