Monday, May 28, 2012

Cheeseburger in Paradise - Ft Myers, FL

Just don't buy into the name...

You'd think, that not to far from where Jimmy Buffet actually discovered his cheeseburger in paradise would be an excellent replication of his tasty musical masterpiece.... Not so much!

The tourist decor really suckers you into a great time. Open air, huge bar, drink specials everyday. Can't go wrong there but lets talk about the burgers...

Plenty to choose from, no issue there. What I take offense to is the solid round, pre frozen, fast food type 1/3lb burger they take way too long to cook and serve.

The bacon was cooked to order and crisp but the real star of the burger was the homemade guacamole! Spicy. Fresh. A great topping for this Baja Burger.

I know there's several of these chains around the country... Don't be fooled. It's not paradise for cheeseburger fans.

Overall rating:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Social Media Lounge - Marlins Park, Miami, FL

The Miami Marlins have extended an exclusive invitation to us to attend the brand new "Marlins Social Media Lounge! For Tuesday, May 22nd's game vs the Colorado Rockies!

This will be an evening where social media aficionados (Tweeters, Pinners, bloggers and more) come together to watch a Miami Marlins game together at Marlins Park in an exclusive WiFi-enabled field-level party zone!

They provided us with an exclusive tour of the ballpark starting at the Clevelander Lounge. Slice up South Beach and throw in the ballpark. This is nice! Open 2hrs before the game and staying open as late at 3am after games... $50 seats & $25 standing room gives you the hottest MLB Club in the country!

$25 standing room price does get you pool access!
$50 seats... not too bad.
Stunning Field Level View from the Clevelander

The Art around the stadium is something to take the time and really enjoy. A lot of large murals at the main entrance. The "History of the Marlins" moving art piece is a great hidden gem. You really need to slow down and enjoy the entire ball park. They paid great attention to detail!


The tour concluded in the outfield - field level party suite with an open bar and appetizer samplings of food from all over the ball park... Tenderloin BLT, Lobster & Lime Sandwiches, Pulled Pork, Oysters, Ceviche, & of course... an Asian Burger & Shrimp Burger!!!

Let's focus on the burgers... 

Starting with the Miami Marlins Shrimp Burger: It was a mess of flavors that are combined to yet still overpowered by the shrimp. Interesting choice with the ciabatta bread, its hard, causing the mesh patty to fall everywhere. I like the option for vegetarians but still can be thought through a bit more. Its more like a shrimp salad in a burger patty form on a bun... RATING: MEDIUM

The Asian Burger: as Poppa Bypass put it, "I could eat this burger anywhere, anytime."  This was a mini flavor explosion that blew us away! 
- Juicy
- Perfect toppings
- Butter toasted bun
Incredible ballpark food. RATING: WELL-DONE!

I really want to thank the Miami Marlins and the staff for putting together a great event! It's a heck of a drive from Palm Beach but worth every penny of gas. Tickets aren't expensive... Get down to a game. Don't miss a chance to walk around and enjoy everything this ballpark has to offer.

Centerfield - Behind the Home Run feature
walking around the Promenade Level
Even for a Ballpark burger... Its solid! 
They thought of everything!
Poppa Bypass & Lunchbox in the #MarlinsSocial Media Lounge
Field Level for the game! Amazing view of the field...

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Sharing our leftovers..."

Happy National Hamburger Month
                     - From Paul Frank (and Julius)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big Mike Burger - The Boy's Delray Beach

If you haven't been to The Boys Market in Delray, let me prepare you. Old People, tight isles, great prices! This may be the best local produce market in Palm Beach. $1 bags of locally grown veggies, huge imported cheese section & the meat counter... Which lead me right to this burger. "Big Mikes Burgers"

This burger was jammed packed with flavor. Stuffed/Mixed with sharp cheddar chunks, applewood smoked bacon, grilled onion and peppers along with a blend of spices that I'm still tasting 30 mins after eating it! 100% delicious. At $5.99/lb... 2 massive burgers came to a total of $6.50. So they were just over 1/2lb each!

My wife and I couldn't even wait for dinner during the week. We got home around 11:15am and put them right on the grill for lunch!