Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Al's - Delray Beach, FL

I don't usually go off the grid with Non-Burger Posts here but I had to share my leftovers with the people...
Genuine imported Rib Eye. 
Freshly Basked Bread shipped from Philly. 
And of course Wit Wiz.

This place knows how a Philly Cheese Steak is done! There a a few locations you may have noticed that popped up around Palm Beach County... Stop in and give it a try!

The regular size is enough to feed a hungry family... HA. Meat was tender & juicy... Onions, perfectly chopped and grilled. And of course... The Wiz. You can't have a Philly without the Wiz. 

If your brave enough, give the Monster Fries a try... Smorthered in Wiz, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms & Jalapenos. WOOOO! Tasty!

They do have a Cheesesteak Burger on the menu that I will be back to try!!!

Delray Beach location: Corner of Atlantic Ave & US1 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yard House - Hallandale Beach, FL

In the mood for a spicy burger & a ridiculous selection of beer? This is the spot!

With 9 burgers and 5 sliders to choose from its hard to pick but I went with the Pepper Jack burger, with roasted green chiles, roasted garlic aioli & well, pepper jack cheese. Cooked medium. I mention this because the burger was so juicy it was bleeding onto the plate as it arrived.

The heat of the green chiles had me sweating! Good thing the roasted garlic aioli was there to simmer things down.

Overall Rating: Rare(1) to Well-Done(5)
Yard House - Medium Well
* bonus points for those thin cut fries!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gimme A Burger - Deerfield Beach, FL

Only 2 weeks old and this new burger spot has already made a name for themselves. Although, not a huge place, every seat on a Saturday afternoon was full. I guess they have begun to achieve their goal of serving good food, fast and fresh.

Strategically located on Hillsboro Blvd & US1 (right across from Charm City Burger Co.), this new spot is ready to compete. They don't deal with gourmet burgers or fancy names... They deal with high quality meat & fresh toppings (try the avocado relish).

Sgt Sauce and Lunchbox noticed right away the simplicity of the menu and dove right into ordering a Hungry Wolf Double Stack & Wow Burger. The Hungry Wolf Burger, along with every other burger, is made with Certified Angus USDA Prime beef. This double quarter-pounder was grilled perfectly and had that high quality meat taste you look for in a burger.

The WOW Burger is a 1/3rd lb patty of USDA Prime beef and infused with Turkish Sausage, topped with bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato... What a noticeable taste to this burger. Job well done. The sausage really added great flavor.

 It did take a little time for the burgers to come out but we aren't really complaining and neither was anyone else once the food arrived. Good things come to those who wait. Also, give the sweet potato fries & onion rings a try. Huge portion. Well seasoned. Perfectly fried. Don't be tempted to try the Cheeseburger Soup. It was like a watery cheese dip with meat and no flavor. The concept sounds great & if you're going to put it on the menu as a specialty item, its got to be done right...

Overall Rating: Rare (worst -1) to Well-Done (Best-5)

Sgt. Sauce: Medium-Well (4)
Lunchbox: Medium-Well (4)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Char-Hut - Davie, FL

Char-Hut is home.
Char-Hut is familiar. 
Char-Hut is just the "Hut"

Char-Hut has been opened since 1976. A family restaurant set apart from the franchise burger places of the late 70's.  I've been eating here over 34 years and the taste and product have not changed. The yellow, brown and orange color scheme hasn't changed.  A friendly atmosphere where they actually know almost all their customers by name and order. That's because a lot of the employees have been there for a long time. Very family friendly with specials and rewards for the kids with free food for good grades and daily specials.

Char-Hut cooks the burgers, chicken, dogs, steak, fish right in front of you. Gotta love that they have a grated cooking surface, just like in the backyard BBQ's. Letting the fat and grease  drip down keeping the flavors locked in. All the beef is prepared fresh daily and never frozen!  

Dozens of toppings to choose from. 
And you know I loves my toppings.

What did I get?
The same thing I always get.

- Char Cheese on Kaiser Roll Medium Rare
- Lots of toppings
(Well Done Fries and Birch Beer)

Overall Rating: Rare (worst -1 ) to Well-Done (best - 5): 
Sgt. Sauce: Char-Hut - Davie, FL (multiple locations) - WELL-DONE!

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