Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Primanti Bros - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Top 5 burgers to try on my list for sure!

This Pittsburgh classic is a 24hr pizza joint right on the beach in Sunrise, FL. The Pitts-burger is a solid beef party, topped with coleslaw, french fries & tomato on a soft fresh baked bread. Yes, the fries are on the burger. No need for side items... It all ends up in the same place so why not eat it all at once!

Primanti Brothers,
North Atlantic Boulevard,
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(Sunrise Blvd & A1A)

Well-Done (5 out of 5)

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  1. First time to hear getting one's french fries in one big bun and looks good, too! Can't wait to try!

  2. Too bad I'm restraining myself from coming to the beach right now. It's just so tempting to swim, although I know I can't, because of my ankle injury. This burger is one of the things I missed, so I requested one from my brother. Yummy!