Sunday, December 30, 2012

Johnnie Brown's - Delray Beach, FL

You just can't give up on places so fast. As the new year approaches I am willing to give a local popular Delray spot another chance. They renewed my faith in bar burgers!

I chose "The Juantio"... avocado salsa, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, red onion & lettuce. My wife next to me and the guy sitting down the bar all made comments that they really wanted to try it... Too bad I wasn't sharing. This burger was seasoned perfectly. Cooked just the way I ordered. And the flavors were great. The chipotle mayo & avocado salsa were perfect.

Putting this spot back on my Must See / Must Try spots in Delray Beach.

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  1. I just love Avocado paste on meat! Your post got me craving for burger again. The best one I've ever tasted (aside from Johnnie Browns) was in Boracay. They also have avocado smoothies and ice cream too! Lucky for me I only spent a little money on the Boracay flight so I could spend the rest on the food! -- Gemma