Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We're Published!

We really want to thank Staci Sturrock @StaciSturrock for publishing a great article about our love of burgers. This interview is now featured on the PB Pulse / Entertainment section online (soon to be published in the Palm Beach Post newspaper).

Click the image below to get the full article!



  1. Read your article in the Palm Beach post today. Fun Job. Although, I understand food is a matter of taste, I have to disagree with your "Top 3" Palm Beach burger joints. Come on Burgerfi? Why not rate Five Guys? Alright I will give you, BurgerFi is not five guys, but it is no where near on par with Grease on Clematis or their sister restaurant, The Office or even Rebel House in Boca. You talk about the meat, BurgerFi (and I am not taking anything away from them, they serve a purpose) cooks their burgers well done, and all you are left with with the taste of the bun and the condiments you put on them. CG Burger? Really? Guys, I know you like burgers but I am sorry, I have to question your taste buds.

  2. I'm with Steven. Any burger restaurant that doesn't ask me how I want my burger cooked is immediately crossed off the list. I'm the organizer of the MHRB, the Mensa Hamburger Review Board. We meet monthly in our quest to find the best burger in our region, which includes Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties. Five Guys won't even be considered. We visited BurgerFi and it got the worst rating of any venue to date. So far the best was at Courtine's a haute cuisine French restaurant in Stuart that has burgers on their bar menu. C'est magnifique!