Friday, August 3, 2012

The Backyard - Boynton Beach, FL

It seems like only locals know about this spot. Redesigned and reopened in February, formally Cuttys, now The Backyard is just that. The perfect south Florida backyard. Ring game, bags, wood tables, tiki torches, gravel walkways and 2 huge bars make this a comfortable place to enjoy yourself.

The most interesting part is the kitchen... Everything is cooked out of an old Airstream trailer. Simple bar menu with high priced ingredients. The only burgers on the Menu are Kobe Beef Sliders (3 for $13).

Salty meat, great sauce, typical melted slice of cheddar. After a few more local craft beers and I could validate spending $13 for the sliders, but not now... You're paying for the crowd and atmosphere, not the burgers.

If you're headed here... Turn when you see the neon palm trees.

Overall rating:
Medium (3 of 5)
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