Friday, August 31, 2012

"Sharing our leftovers..."

Our love for burgers doesn't stop once we cross the Palm Beach County line & neither should yours... We encourage our fellow burger lovers to "Share your leftovers..." with us in hopes to find the best burgers this country has to offer. With that being said, our latest installment of viewer's leftovers actually comes to us from our lovely neighbor to the north - Toronto, Canada.

Mina Stefan (@minastefan) of is a beautiful model who decided to share her love for the Big Mac. Yup. Models do eat burgers... And if this is any indication of who eats Mc Donald's in Canada, "I'm lovin' it."

She wrote a great review & sent us some exclusive photos of her experience... ENJOY!

My little "entry"

Nobody can honestly tell me that they hate the Big Mac. For many people, burger lovers especially, their love of hot grilled beef between a fresh sesame bun didn't stem from their dad's back yard grill, it came from those evenings as a kid, sitting in the back seat of the family car on a drive home from somewhere boring like Home Depot begging your parents to stop for dinner just to have a taste of the perfect combination of sweet and savoury heaven. 

The perfectly soft bun, the creamy sweet Big Mac sauce, the delicate crunch of those pickles all complimenting those thin beef patties…Tell me you don't want one right now. 

And anyone who says "I hate MacDonald's" or "Who would want to eat that fake crap"…Remember, I'm in Canada where they legally can't sell me falsely advertised products. So my beef patties, are 100% beef, my cheese, is 100% Canadian cheddar…my Big Mac, is real effin tasty. 

So please, before you berate me for submitting MacDonald's to a burger blog…remember…Chances are you grew up with Grimace, the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese. 

AND if you still hate MacDonald's after my short declaration of love, then at least enjoy a hot chick eating a burger :)

- Mina

Mina Stefan (@minastefan) of