Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grangers - Delray Beach, FL

I've passed this place a 1,000 times and never gave it a second chance. Now after trying their self proclaimed, "Best Burger in Palm Beach County," I won't officially be giving it a second chance.

We tried the "house favorite" - RP McMurphy Burger::: It was a very solid sized burger. Cooked perfectly (Medium) with juices streaming out of the bun. Then topped with a mountain of burnt grilled onions, red peppers and undercooked sautéed mushrooms. The meat had zero salt or seasoning... Leaving this burger overall flavorless.

This sounds bad, I know but Grangers did redeem themselves with their AMAZING made-to-order donuts with raspberry dipping sauce.

Still, we are here to eat meat & we left very I satisfied.

Overall rating on a scale of Rare (1) to Well-Done (5-best):
Medium-Rare (2)

Grangers Grill
215 Northeast 6th Ave
Delray Beach, FL

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