Friday, July 20, 2012

Relish - West Palm Beach, FL

This was a fun experience... Relish has really put a nice twist on the "create-your-own" burger joints popping up everywhere. They specialize in the relish toppings. Not only can you enjoy Buffalo, Italian Sausage, Veal, Wild Boar, Lamb or even a Shrimp burger (to name a few...) You also have a selection of over 20 relish toppings to add onto your burger.

In addition to trying a new burger restaurant, we were joined this evening by 2 new honorary members of Burgers by the Beach, from the Palm Beach Post: Media Savvy & Fish Eye. We're going to be published!!!! Keep your eyes out for a local food selection write up in the Palm Beach Post very soon... We really had some good laughs last night with them & we're eagerly looking forward to seeing Media Savvy's article & the great photos taken by Fish Eye.

Double Stack ordered a Beef Burger with Scotch Bonnet Mango Relish. When it arrived in front of him, it just looked to pretty for a manly-man like Double Stock but he REALLY enjoyed it. Cooked perfectly & complimented well by the relish topping. He mentioned a few times, that he really is looking forward to coming back...

Rating: Well-Done

After being the first one to arrive and still staring at the menu for 20 minutes... Sgt. Sauce switch it up a bit and ordered a Lamb Burger with the Tangy Tzatziki Relish. Really fresh & flavorful. Ground lamb was a first for Sgt. Sauce. He was expecting it to be sliced gyro meat on a bun. Nope. Really happy with the way it turned out. The solid 1/2 lb (after cooking) burger really held up. It turned into a finger licking good burger...

Rating: Well-Done

Lunchbox went further off the grid and ordered the Italian Sausage burger with Drunken Onions relish (with a side of the Sweet Roasted Tomato relish). When placed down on the table, you could really smell the sausage. I was prepared to get messy but I was not prepared for the amazing sweet onions that were on top. They really set it off for me! The overall flavor of the sausage was great. smokey, fennel mild sausage. True italian flavors in a 1/2 lb burger patty. You can really tell they take pride in what they make at Relish. All home made. Prepared fresh. WELL-DONE!

Rating: Well-Done

We couldn't help but notice all the other great burgers being sent out of the kitchen. So we stopped a few people to get their reactions and they were just as pleased! These sun-soaked ladies dove right into their burgers and still had room for a Relish Shake & one of our leftover donuts... OH YEAH, try the donuts! WOW!

Fish Eye capturing our Blogging Experience

Red Velvet Shake

Sgt Sauce and his shake

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Campfire Shake!

Thanks to Relish and their staff!!!

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