Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Orleans - 31st Birthday!

There's nothing better then spending your birthday in a city you've never been too... 

NOLA! Good ol' New Orleans...

Making my way through the French Quarter is an experience... Have you been to Key West? Well, Bourbon St is pretty much Duval St on steroids! People, everywhere, all day. For every 2 bars, there is 1 strip club, but let's stay focused on the food... First we started at the French Market area, just outside of Jackson Square... This market is full of local artists & foods. 

Yup! You read that right... How can I not try this... 
80% gator tail & 20% andouille sausage blend with a special blend of spices to help kick things up a notch. Its really not bad. very gamey taste. Not too rubbery. Pretty solid for Gator!

Then as you head deeper into the French Quarter, you'll walk right past this place if you're already drinking, which most people start when they wake up in New Orleans, lol...

Yo Mama's... (specialty: burgers & booze)

This right here is a Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger! WOW!
Towards the end of this monster, I started to feel like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth. But the combination of salty bacon, peanut butter and meat was incredible!

Check out the amazing list of burgers on their menu...

Burgers weren;t the only thing on the menu for the few days I was in New Orleans... How can you pass up a Beignet from the famous Cafe Beignet... Powder Sugar Heaven!

Burgers aside... My favorite (5 dozen in 3 days favorite) meal was hands down, the Char-Grilled Oysters from Draggo's. OH MY GOD! If you only get a chance to eat one thing in New Orleans... Head to the Riverside Hilton across from Harrah's and pull up to the shucking bar and get yourself a dozen of these heavenly oysters.

Smothered in parmesan cheese, then drowned in a garlic-herb-butter sauce 3 times over... all while being char-grilled over an open flame until the cheese is melted and butter sauces is dripping off the edge to ignite the flame below... Perfection!

AND OF COURSE... No trip to New Orleans would not be complete without a celebratory HUGE ASS BEER!

Thank you New Orleans... 
My belly is full and the memories are forever.

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  1. It sounds great. Nothing like a fun weekend of surfing and chowing down on burgers as a past time. I'm all for it as I get to re-live my surf camps days.

  2. Yo Mamma's rules. I was the only mmber of our group to not eat the peanut butter burger but it is the only place we go multiple times each and every time we are in NOLA. Their's is the only NOLA magnet on our fridge. Lunch and dinner or just stopping in sometime afternoon or evening for drinks Yo Mamma's is really just the best of NOLA casual dining.

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