Monday, June 4, 2012

Russell's Blue Water Grill - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Would you walk in here expecting a burger..? We didn't.

But with the help of Palm Beach Restaurant Week, we were given the opportunity to meet with Chef Charles Coe (google him - the Chefs got some serious credentials) of Russell's Blue Water Grill in Palm Beach Gardens to try their $10 Bar Burger. It may sound expensive but lets put this into perspective... Many gourmet burger joints are charging upwards of $14-$15 per burger. Even chain locations are now increasing the options and prices... So sitting at the bar of an upscale "Gourmet Comfort Food" restaurant and being able to order a custom made, yes, custom made $10 burger is a deal!

They focus on the meat... as they should.
A very solid 8oz - 4 meat blend of organic grass fed Chuck, Sirloin, Short Rib and Brisket leaves the burger juicy through every single bite. Yes, still only $10...

Sgt. Sauce and I (Lunchbox), have very different tastes when it comes to burgers. As should everyone. There's no right or wrong way to create one, as long as the meat is cooked to your liking and has a fresh flavor.

Sgt. Sauce: Cheddar, Bacon, Grilled Sweet/Hot Peppers & Shriacha Sauce
Lunchbox: Melted Gouda, Mozzarella, Bacon & Grilled Onions 

Still only $10... Price hasn't changed... Fully customized.

Russell's Blue Water Grill was an impressive kitchen... No Freezers & No Microwaves! Telling us that everything is fresh! Their motto is, "Our answer is yes. Now what's your question?" Chef Charles was seen walking to every table, customizing menu items on the fly & even seating guests as they walked in. Truly taking ownership of the place and giving everyone a sense of comfort which I think is important when you go our to eat. I want to know the Chef cares about the food and what I am eating. "I won't serve a single item unless I know I would eat it once its cooked." Chef Charles told us.

Make your way up to Palm Beach Gardens... East of 95 on PGA Blvd (if you cross the bridge, you've gone to far)... take a seat at the bar... have a drink... don't even bother with a menu. Just ask the bartender for the Bar Burger. They are very knowledgeable and ready to customize your burger just the way you like it... No shortage of cheese, mushroom blends, peppers & sauces... Really channel your inner hunger pains and go for it! We did! And our bellies couldn't of been and happier.

Overall Rating of RARE (1) - Worst to WELL-DONE (5) - Best:
Russell's Blue Water Grill - Well-Done (5)
* This has made the top 5 list of Palm Beach Burgers for us!

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  1. I can't wait to go to the beach and enjoy swimming without glasses and not having the trouble of focusing on the things you might bump into. Oh yes, and the grilled burgers too! Yum!

  2. Remember Julie... only at the bar can you get this mouthwatering burger... DELICIOUS!!!!