Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Char-Hut - Davie, FL

Char-Hut is home.
Char-Hut is familiar. 
Char-Hut is just the "Hut"

Char-Hut has been opened since 1976. A family restaurant set apart from the franchise burger places of the late 70's.  I've been eating here over 34 years and the taste and product have not changed. The yellow, brown and orange color scheme hasn't changed.  A friendly atmosphere where they actually know almost all their customers by name and order. That's because a lot of the employees have been there for a long time. Very family friendly with specials and rewards for the kids with free food for good grades and daily specials.

Char-Hut cooks the burgers, chicken, dogs, steak, fish right in front of you. Gotta love that they have a grated cooking surface, just like in the backyard BBQ's. Letting the fat and grease  drip down keeping the flavors locked in. All the beef is prepared fresh daily and never frozen!  

Dozens of toppings to choose from. 
And you know I loves my toppings.

What did I get?
The same thing I always get.

- Char Cheese on Kaiser Roll Medium Rare
- Lots of toppings
(Well Done Fries and Birch Beer)

Overall Rating: Rare (worst -1 ) to Well-Done (best - 5): 
Sgt. Sauce: Char-Hut - Davie, FL (multiple locations) - WELL-DONE!

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