Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gilberts 17th St. Grill - Ft Lauderdale

I had to get one last burger experience with the family before they took off back home and what better way to eat than to take them to a south Florida award winning burger.

Gilbert's has exploded in popularity since opening! Their 8oz burgers are flame grilled to perfection and topped with fresh ingredients. Not a ton of gourmet combinations but just enough to satisfy your pallets (even the veggie's).

'Quick Bite & Add the Fries' went for the same burger. Bacon, BBQ & cheese and couldn't put it down!

'Clean Plate' Stu thoroughly enjoyed his grilled portobello mushroom topped with grilled veggies. Not a crumb left on the plate!

"You again, did not disappoint," Add the Fries added when the meal was done. "I only take you to the best. No need to waste your time eating fast food, poorly cooked burgers. Only the best." Lunchbox explained.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lindburgers - Delray Beach, FL

What a great time of year... With family in town I had to take them to a local favorite spot.

This place has 50 gourmet burgers to choose from so they had no trouble making up their mind. Actually, 4 of the 10 people ordered the same burger.

I decided to try "The English" - crispy bacon & cheddar cheese on an English muffin. Their bacon is cooked to order and thick cut. Cheese covers the entire party and the English muffin was a nice added bonus.

"The cousins" went with The Monterey - bacon, jack cheese and BBQ sauce. 'Quick Bite' Alex was done before I could finish taking pictures & 'Add the Fries' Adam summed up the meal perfectly... "Wow. Delicious. Maybe the best burger I've ever had."

Family rating on a scale from Rare(worst) to Well-Done(best):

You've got to give Linburgers a try. But get there before 6 or after 9. Placed is slammed!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zio's - Delray Beach, FL

Self proclaimed "Delray's Best Burger" is a bold statement. Not that I live in the burger capital of the world but to say you have the Best Burger in my city takes "chutzpah." They aren't listed in the top 10 on Yelp & Urban Spoon so this could be a tough one...

First things first. They specialize in Cheese Steaks. Bring more money than you think. The menu is, "8 yrs old and hasn't been updated," according to the manager. Which has great prices that don't ring up the same so DON'T BE FOOLED.

You can order the burger anyway you like. No specialty burgers. Nothing fancy here. A Burger the way you want it. So it comes down to the quality of meat and being properly cooked. 

Solid size burger. You can tell they hand make the patty. My burger was ordered Medium but came just a bit overdone. But what surprised me the most was the quality of the Bun and Chopped Red Onions. Yup. Not a solid round slab of onion. They chop them up and top the burger giving every bite a nice even topping throughout the burger. And the bun, a nice buttered grilled bun really kept the flavors together. Heavy on the Ketchup and Mayo but it blended well enough to not be sloppy. The bun really held this burger together.

If you can get passed the service and wait for it to be cooked, it's a burger worth trying.

Overall Rating: Rare (worst -1 ) to Well-Done (best - 5): 
Zio's - Delray Beach, FL - Medium Well

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Monday, December 5, 2011

"Sharing our leftovers..."

Why is it called a hamburger when there is no ham inside?

... Go ahead...
WikiSearch it...
Got nothing...?
Hamburger Bed for Kids... How Awesome!

The short answer is that it came from Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburger started with the Tatars (or Tartars), a nomadic people who invaded central Asia and eastern Europe in the Middle Ages. The Tatars ate their shredded beef raw (hence the name "steak tartare" these days). According to one account, they tenderized their beef by putting it between the saddle and the horse as they rode. When the Tatars introduced the food to Germany, the beef was mixed with local spices and fried or broiled and became known as Hamburg steak. German emigrants to the United States brought Hamburg steak with them. It showed up on New York restaurant menus in the 1880s. Hamburgers became a sensation as sandwiches at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

Thanks John Lumley for the Question...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Owl Balls at Owl Stadium

If you get chance this weekend (12/3/11) make your way over to FAU stadium in Boca for the final game of Howard Schnellenbergers career.

Also stop by the Tomasso's concession stand for the famous Owl Ball. It's their homemade meatball slider served on their homemade garlic roll. AMAZING!