Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Arnold's Famous Hamburgers - Anderson, SC

On a recent road trip from Asheville, NC to South Florida I found the smallest, friendliest, tastiest and most crowded hamburger spot in the south... Just outside Clemson University in Anderson, SC is a hamburger spot only accepting cash, knowing everyone by their first name and making the best burgers since 1981.

I do agree... They make a solid burger. Very similar to Jack's in Ft. Lauderdale, they don't mess around with fancy toppings. Its all about the meat & cheese. Did I mention their prices were still stuck in 1981?

So of course I went with the Double Cheese Burger. Outstanding. Perfect burger for the road trip! Turned out to be a little sloppy but really didn't mind. Along with the other 50 or so people jamming in the place. Everyone had a smile on!

If you're planning a road trip through the Carolina's make sure to Arnold's Famous Hamburgers on your must-see list. Right off of I-85 in Anderson, SC.

Overall rating from Rare (worst) to Well-Done (best):
Arnold's Famous Hamburgers = Well-Done!

184 Civic Center Boulevard, Anderson, SC  
(864) 226-2173

Riverwalk Trust's - Burger Battle II

This was an event worth waiting for! I was very upset I missed it last year so there was no way I was going to miss out again... As you'll see why...
For starters there were 15 local South Florida restaurants/bars all competing for 2 titles: Fan Favorite & Judges Pick.


Fan Favorite: ROK:BRGR
Judges Favorite: George's Alibi
(It's just easier to give it out now and spend more time looking at pictures)

So let the fun begin...
It seemed overwhelming but we were able to get in early enough to make it around to a solid 4-5 places before the crowd showed up. It was pretty obvious by the lines to tell which were the fan favorites. The portions were slider size unless they cut a full burger in half to serve. Overall I'd have to give the quality of the burgers a Medium-Well rating (4 out of 5). There were a few places, only a small handful, that just couldn't compete and were just there for the publicity. The crowd got hectic to maneuver through but we were still able to try every place. Although we were rushed at the end to get in the last few... but seriously... 15 different sliders to try. That's pretty insane!

Did I mention that Jack Daniel's sponsored the event? Oh right... The perfect compliment to ANY burger! So it didn't help us at the end of the night but sure did keep us motivated to keep going!

Burgers by the Beach did have a favorite, which ironically enough, all 3 in attendance voted for the same place. Unfortunately not the Fan Favorite winner but still ours... We all voted for Hyatt Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale who slammed dunked a jerk Caribbean rubbed, salsa topped burger! The judges Favorite - George's Alibi was a close second for some of us with Big City Tavern my overall winner... As Meat Sweats put it, "Cream cheese and a egg bring a dynamic I've never had before."

Enough typing... Onto the Photos!
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ROK:BRGR - Fan Favorite
George's Alibi - Judges Favorite