Monday, April 18, 2011

I Love Burgers - Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

So "I Love Burgers" in Las Vegas was a happy accident. We were in Las Vegas for  a bowling tournament (AMF National Pins-Over-Average Finals - photo below!), when we were cruising the strip one afternoon and our hung pains grew thick. While inside the Venetian hotel, a burger oasis appeared before our eyes.

So of course we stopped in! They had a cool retro vibe going, with chalk painted columns, wood grain panels and checkered floors... Not so 'upscale Venetian' but it works.
Menu was a bit pricey but that's Vegas. Interesting 'Fry' Menu. Not just fries, but a fry menu, with fried pickled, steak fries, show string fries, mac & cheese, etc...
But onto the burgers... The burger menu was serious... Bacon loaded, ahi tuna, buffalo, sirloin, turkey, even a panko crusted eggplant burger... The "I Love Bacon" burger was top on my list to go with. It looked like their signature burger so I went with it.
This was a colossal explosion of bacon! WOW! Crispy. Flavorful. Overflowing. Delicious. All great food adjectives to describe my experience. Aside from the mountain of bacon on the burger, it also had bacon mayo, smoked gouda & onion strings to top it off. If you like bacon, this was the burger for you. A true 100% non kosher burger.
I Love Burgers
Overall ratings from Rare (worst-1) to Well-Done (best-5):
Lunchbox: Medium-Well (4)

Official Photo from the AMF National Pins-Over-Average Tournament Finals
(12th overall place out of 27 finalists & 9,000 total entries)