Friday, August 26, 2011

Quickie's - Hollywood, FL

It's always nice to meet up with fellow Burger Bloggers... Sef Gonzalez "The Burger Beast" (@BurgerBeast) met up with me down in Hollywood, FL for one of his favorite spots! It's a shame I don't live closer because now this is one of my favorites. Great choice!

The burgers are never frozen. Made to order. Grilled to perfection.

I had to go with the M.O.A.B. "Most Amazing Burger"
This monster was piled high with Bacon, Fries, Onion Strings, Quickie Sauce and then stuffed with american cheese, yes stuffed, that just shoots out with every bite!
You can't just order a burger here...
The Wings are incredible (try the Beast Sauce)

And if your lucky enough, ask for the Cheese Crisps. WOW! The left over cheese that tops the burgers and is scraped off the grill... Crispy Deliciousness!

And if your REALLY LUCKY... You'll get to try the deep fried brownies!

If your brave enough... enter the monthly "Master the Quickie's TITAN challenge" - A 4 pound fully loaded burger that must be eaten in 1 hour.

Overall Rating: Rare (worst -1 ) to Well-Done (best - 5): 
Quickie's in Hollywood, FL - WELL-DONE!

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