Monday, November 29, 2010

CG Burgers - Round 6

This is quickly becoming my favorite spot in North Palm Beach...
Today's burger of the day was too good to pass up:

Carmine. Keep doing whatever your doing. These burgers are outrageous!

My partner in crime: S. Benz decided to have the Philly Cheese Steak Burger...
Another homerun!

Its hard to give a burger a full Well-Done review but like i said earlier, this place is becoming a 'CAN'T MISS' in the burger industry.

Overall Review on a scale of Rare (worst) to Well-Done (Best):
CG Burgers, Jupiter, FL - Well-Done

Monday, November 15, 2010

Waterway Cafe - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

This place is perfect! Right on the inter-coastal. Outdoor seating.
$6 burgers...

I went ahead and tried the Turkey Burger while a guest of mine has the Waterway Burger. First, the Turkey Burger seemed to be a pre-made frozen patty put on the grill. Solid but I could of made that at home. I did however love the honey mustard sauce they put on it.
Second, the Waterway Burger - with swiss cheese was grilled over an open flame not on a flat surface. Which makes the taste all that much better. Again, the mojo sauce was a big winner. Putting th eoverall flavor above just the basic taste.
But again, you can't count out the view from the patio...
This is why you live in South Florida!

Overall Rating Rare(worst) to Well-Done(best):
Waterway Cafe - Medium

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Football Sunday Mexican Burgers

Football Sunday and I had to represent the home team... Miami Dolphins (The outcome wasn't good, loss 26-10, but the food was perfect). I decided to slice up some Green and Orange Peppers, add in a little hot sauce and seasoning then grill...

1½ ground beef
½ cup chopped green peppers
3 tablespoons Frank’s® REDHOT® Chile ’n Lime Hot Sauce
1 teaspoon oregano
12 dinner rolls
Shredded cheddar cheese

 Then went ahead and mixed in Ground Chuck and Sirloin to the ingredients and mixed softly, not over packing the meat. 

 Now the greatest Burger Tool I have is an antique. This Tupperware set has been passed down to me and is still perfect for making burgers. You put the outer slide into the short mold, place meat in the center, then use the plastic press to form the perfect burger. Best part, is that they each come with covers so you can freeze the burger patties.

Try out the recipe and let me know what you think.... If you have some Guacamole - top the burger with it. Great addition... Also, add some extra hot sauce for flavor.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Green Gourmet - Delray Beach

Let's start by congratulating Owner and Chef Joseph Giannuzzi on his 1 year anniversary of The Green Gourmet. This West Delray gem specializes in "from the earth to the table”, a new way to dine. Prepared, American comfort food with fresh, locally produced, hand picked ingredients. Big flavors and creativity are his benchmark, which allow his gourmet comfort food to consistently shine. He took note of these organic farms and purveyors and created a network of only the finest providers of fresh, local and organic ingredients.

The Green Gourmet put out a very nice spread of hor d'oeuvres along with a wide assortment of Free Beer! The reggae band playing out front set a nice mood as the crowd mingled and had nothing but high praises for Joe and The Green Gourmet.

I was intrigued arfter reading the chalkboard menu when I saw the Bison Burger listed.

The staff was nice enough to fire up the grill for a special bison burger order. Big Thank You to Joe and his entire staff!

This burger was solid in flavor. Cooked perfectly and seasoned very well. The all natual ingredients really paid off. After speaking with Joe for a few about the burger, he also informed that the wheat bun was also made with all natural ingredients. Job well done all around.

If you're in the West Delray Beach area and are in looking for a fresh meal. Stop by The Green Gourmet!

Burger rating on a scale of Rare (worst) to Well-Done (best):
The Green Gourmet Bison Burger - Well Done
The Shoppes at Addison Place

16950 Jog Rd
Delray Beach, FL 33446

(561) 455-2466

Mon-Fri 11-9
Sat-Sun 12-5

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"Sharing our leftovers..."

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