Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MJ's Fresh - Palm Beach Gardens

If you're looking for Johnny Rockets at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens, well, you're out of luck... The location is gone but the taste lives on. MJ's Fresh has taken over what still looks like Johnny Rockets. All that is missing, is a jukebox and silly paper hats.

I made my way here based off a few rave burger reviews on Urban Spoon. Yeah, my iPhone rules my life... Just like everyone else. I decided to go with the 'El Diablo' burger - Roasted Green Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese & Jalapeno Aioli (lettuce/tomato/pickles) with a side of Onion Rings...

The angus beef was well cooked. Flat skillet grilling, not grilled but solid taste non the less. Great job on the onion rings! The burger had the perfect amount of heat, not over done. I was pretty pleased with my burger and would like ot go back to try out a few others they have on their menu...

On a scale from Rare(worst) to Well-Done(best):
Overall rating  for MJ's Fresh - Medium-Well (4 out of 5)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

CG Burgers - Round 5

The Brisket Burger!

Yep, you read that right... They simply ground up brisket meat, form a huge patty and grill it.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Sharing our leftovers..."

B. Poppa and his Burger Adventures...

 Had dinner at T-Rex in Orlando this weekend. It's like Rainforest Cafe, only with dinosaurs everywhere and an inexplicable 4-ft ladybug hanging from the entrance wall. Prehistoric ladybug, I suppose.

What you see above is the Gigantosaurus Burger; two giant all-beef patties topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion rings and a heaping mound of shame.

13oz burger at Le Tub in Hollywood, FL to celebrate my birthday.
Actually, I'm lying. I put candles in all of my burgers.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burger Bar - Chicago, IL

While on a recent trip to the Windy City, Chicago - IL, we visited the brand new Burger Bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Craft Burgers & Brew is what they pride themselves in and the burger lived up to its "Good Eats" slogan. They use locally grown/farmed ingredients for the burgers & toppings. Which shows true in the freshness of the taste.

The burgers are stacked tall and leave now stomach empty. They also offer a large selection of craft brews at the front bar.  Something I thought to be fun was the photo booth in the back of the restaurant next to the Wall of Fame where they hang up the photo-booth photos. Fun & trendy!

I decided to go with the heat and ordered the "En Fuego" burger - jalapenos, pickled red onions, pepper jack cheese + guacamole. I mentioned the fresh, locally grown ingredients before and I truly mean FRESH. The crunch of the jalapeno and juiciness of the meat were great. Stacked a mile high, it looked intimidating but was just enough for a true burger lover to handle.

Every server must of asked how our meal was. Which is nice. Even the Chef made it around to ask about the burger! Well, he likes to be called John... Little kitchen humor from him.

Overall rating Rare (worst) to Well-Done (best):
Burger Bar Chicago - Well-Done

Ditka's - Chicago, IL

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