Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ROK:BRGR - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Monday night... Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is a ghost town... and we wait 30 minutes for burgers. Guess that's a sign of good things to come...?

The atmosphere is real nice. It feels like your up in the north-east at a nice city bar. Brick walls, dim lighting, solid music & high def tv's along the long bar, which has a great selection of beers, set up very nicely. If i had to guess, i would say there's only seating for 60 or so. Which can explain the wait. Wasn't bad. We were just real hungry!

We started things off with Lobster Corn Dogs & Momma's Chili...
Perfect choice!
It then got interesting trying to figure out what burger to go with... The selection is real nice along with the 'build your own' section, it can be overwhelming. Only because all the ingredients sounded great on a burger.

Sgt. Sauce decided to create his own burger:
Double Stack went with the 'D Wade': 10oz Black Angus, Vermont cheddar, homemade chili, grilled jalapenos, cilantro sour cream on a sesame bun.
Lunchbox chose 'Peggy': a 10oz Black Angus, pulled short rib, horseradish cheddar cheese, bourbon bbq sauce. (Named after the english bulldog mascot Peggy)
Newcomer, Meat Sweats decided to create his own:
Another newcomer, Little Dipper went with 'The Classic': 10oz Black Angus, yellow American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle on a sesame bun.

Overall ratings on a scale from Rare (worst) to Well-Done (best):
Sgt. Sauce: Well-Done
Double Stack: Well-Done
Lunchbox: Well-Done
Meat Sweats: Well-Done
Little Dipper: Well-Done

The flavor quality of everything we ate really set this place apart from other pub burgers we have had. Massive amount of toppings didn't make the burger too messy(we felt the lettuce/tomato/onion hidden under each burger was a bit unnecessary). With a packed house, although it was small, they still were able to cook everyone's burger perfectly. Lobster Corn Dogs, come on... Outstanding! Momma's Rum Cake... Perfectly Moist!

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