Monday, November 15, 2010

Waterway Cafe - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

This place is perfect! Right on the inter-coastal. Outdoor seating.
$6 burgers...

I went ahead and tried the Turkey Burger while a guest of mine has the Waterway Burger. First, the Turkey Burger seemed to be a pre-made frozen patty put on the grill. Solid but I could of made that at home. I did however love the honey mustard sauce they put on it.
Second, the Waterway Burger - with swiss cheese was grilled over an open flame not on a flat surface. Which makes the taste all that much better. Again, the mojo sauce was a big winner. Putting th eoverall flavor above just the basic taste.
But again, you can't count out the view from the patio...
This is why you live in South Florida!

Overall Rating Rare(worst) to Well-Done(best):
Waterway Cafe - Medium

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