Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yard House - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

 I was seated at the bar and greeted by a very nice bartender who claimed that Yard House had "The Best Burgers in town." So we got to talking and I mentioned what I was here for [burgers] and had a manager stop by. Taken back by the friendliness, he proceeded to have my call corporate headquarters to make sure they were okay with me taking pictures of the burgers... You can see where this is going... As i post this (about 45 min. after calling) I have still yet to hear back from them... Thanks to social media and the invention of camera phones, needless to say, I got some shots.

On to the burger: I chose the Pepper Crusted Gorgonzola Burger - marsala sautéed crimini mushrooms, carmelized onions, baby spinach. This is a very misleading burger... The Pepper Crusted was more like a pepper marinade(overkill). Carmelized Onions were actually, from what the manager explained, is a carmelized onion jam. Yep, jam.... This was very sweet! So you can also see where this burger took my taste buds...

The meat was cooked perfectly and the Gorgonzola cheese was fresh. What got me though was that they put the onion jam on under the meat so the bottom bun became very soggy. I actually flipped the burger over to keep the burger properly situated in my hand to eat.

Although... The beer was tasty! And they do have great shoe-string french fries!

Overall rating on a scale of Rare (worst) to Well-Done(best):
Yard House, Palm Beach Gardens: Medium

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