Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheeseburgers and More - Jupiter, FL

This was a diamond in the rough... Hidden off the highway in Jupiter, buried in a shopping plaza, Cheeseburgers and More was a great surprise! The sports talk radio has been advertising all day everyday about this place, so i decided to try it out.

I was delighted to see such crap all over the wall... I don't know what is it but it proves to me the place is loved by locals and had been apart of the community for years. They have photos hanging EVERYWHERE of the lucky eaters who have braved the 1lb, 2lb 6lb and yes the 8lb burger.

The "and more" is something to be seen... They have a kids arcade and ball-pit maze that would almost rival those at Chuck-E Cheese. Although I haven't been in one since i was 6yrs old... (no kids yet).

Now to the goods... The burger i decided to try was the 'Salsa Burger' - jalapeno cheese, salsa & of course, jalapenos. It was cooked perfectly to my request! I really liked how that topped the jalapenos with the cheese to help keep them on the burger. Clever!

It may not of effected the taste of the burger but Service with a Smile goes a long way! Thanks Heather...

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  1. It looks pretty good and the cheese is melted perfectly to leave the digestive system and head straight for the arteries. The fries appear to be well done, which is the way all fries should be cooked. I will be in the area Thursday and will give it a try.