Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lindburgers - 10/14/09

The first official meeting of the newly expanded Burgers by the Beach Club met on October 14th @ Linburgers in Boynton Beach.
The meeting featured our newest club members:
- Jared Kirschenbaum a.k.a. Sgt. Sauce
- Jay McCary a.k.a. Double Stack

After further review of the place, on a scale of 1-5 (5 highest)...
Jared - 3.5 (His make-your-own arrived perfect)
Jay - 3 (The Double Stacked lived up to the hype)
Jamie - 4 (overflowing stuffed bacon & bread was soft)

With 50 "Gourmet Burgers" on the menu, it's hard not to find something ou wont like. This place is hidden in the back corner of Boynton Beach and was crawling with early bird special lovers. We left around 8pm and it was a ghost town by then. This place knows burgers. No shortage of toppings and choices. There are other locations aroud South Florida to choose from but this one tops them all. If not for the decor alone, the burgers are fresh & cooked to perfection. 7oz to start or upgrade to 10oz for $0.99 more. Not a bad deal. Overall - 3.5 rating.

As we get closer to our 1 year anniversary & also celebrating 100 members of our Facebook Group, we will keep you informed of our next adventures.

Enjoy our latest photos!

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