Thursday, January 30, 2014

5th Annual Burger Beast 'Burgie' Awards

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You want to know the best of the best in Miami/Broward/Palm Beach, 
the fans voted and Burgie Awards went to...

Best Dade County Burger
Latin House Burger & Taco Bar
Best Broward/Palm Beach Burger
Charm City Burger Company
Best Chef
George Patti - MEAT Eatery & Taproom
Best Chili
Burger Bar
Best Dessert
Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies
Food Truck Invasion – Best Dessert Truck
HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars
Best Doughnut
Mojo Donuts
Food Truck Invasion – Best Food Truck Dade County
Ms. Cheezious
Food Truck Invasion – Best Food Truck Broward/Palm Beach County
The Rolling Stove
JM Lexus People’s Choice Food Truck 
BC Tacos
Best French Fries
Blue Collar
Best Non-Traditional Burger
Toston Burger - Pincho Factory
Best Restaurant
Blue Collar
Best Sandwich
Pan con Bistec - Cuban Guys
Best Sausage
Proper Sausages

Get to know the man himself from
I started writing the Burger Beast food blog to tell folks about those little forgotten gems in South Florida. Over the course of the last 4 years or so I've added News, Opinions, & Tips on a variety of Food related subjects. My first love will always be Burgers but Comfort Food is where it's at. At the end of the day I’m a regular dude who writes about a bunch of things I think you should know about.

Food Trucks Attending:

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Sharing your leftovers…"

Thanks Dr. Marino of The Rand Eye Institute for being a loyal follower and checking out one of our favorite local burger spots - Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburger House… Looked like he truly enjoyed his burger topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mayo & jalapeños. Can't forget his vanilla milkshake to wash it all down. (Great choice!)

His rating: WELL-DONE (5 out of 5)

* Now do you believe us? This local joint is a can't miss...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Super Dave's Diner - Boca Raton

Slowly becoming the go-to local BBQ joint in East Boca, Super Dave's Diner has marinated it's way right into the stomachs of many food critics. I for one, love me some BBQ but today was all about the burger. Yes, Super Dave has is own bottled sauce and yes, he has his own bottled conch batter but again, we're here for the burger. After a solid showing at the Boca Burger Battle back in July, it was time to head over there to give the "Boca Burger Battle Burger" a try...

This mountain of fried pickles, fired tomatoes and fried red onions topped the full pound-double patty beef burger along with cheese and Dave's Special Sauce.

Every bite had great flavor. The meat was seasoned nicely. The fried veggies we're not overdone and not overly breaded to really overpower the heaviness of the burger. Yes, I know, it's a lot of fried food on a burger but it all became a nice soggy/juicy/sweet topping when combined with the special sauce.

As we we're eating this, Dave actually decided to make himself one for lunch. You know its good when the Chef/Owner is so impressed (and hungry) that he makes himself the signature burger.

Overall Rating: RARE (1-worst) to WELL-DONE (5-best)
Super Dave's Diner = Medium Well (4)

2166 N Dixie Hwy 
Boca RatonFL33431

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tap 42 - Ft. Lauderdale

I have realized that I'm a purist when it comes to food.  I want the essence of a meal to shine through.  When it comes to burgers, the meat is what counts the most.  The Prohibition Burger at Tap 42 is quite tasty with aged cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and their "secret sauce."  The bun is the absolute right consistency.  Overall, I liked the burger but I am not running back to eat it again soon.  The burger was juicy and flavorful, but the restaurant skimped on size.  

The conglomeration of additional accompaniments mask the essence of the meal...the meat itself.  

Therefore, I recommend Tap 42's Prohibition Burger with a "medium" rating. (3 out of 5)

Guest Blogger: Retina Doc

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Friday, August 16, 2013

HotDogOpolis - Boca Raton

Yes, there are burgers. But don't let these juicy pictures of their fresh Creekstone Farms meat fool you. This is a true Hot Dog Heaven! HotDogOpolis carries some of the best quality game meats, stylized hot dogs and fresh barrel pickles this side of Chicago.

The menus is always evolving...
Be on the look out for the Official "Burgers By The Beach Dog"

Not satisfied with my words... How about Michael B - a first time HotDogOpolis customer that was also taking pics of the menu just like me:

“Great dogs and sausages in a little friendly hole-in-the-wall place on the Boca/Delray line.  Chicago dog was fantastic, as I had been advised it would be . . . and superior to the Chicago dog nearby at Shake Shack.  Being a purist, I also went for a no-frills beef dog with mustard and onions, and was not disappointed.  Fries look to be cut on premises and I tore through my cheese fries pretty quick.  All in all I’m very, very happy with this new discovery and look forward to returning so I can begin to work my way through the “specialty dogs and sausages” menu!

Mike B.
Boca Raton

Also, they were just featured on CBS12 Palm Beach for National Hot Dog Day!

In the mood for a Hot Dog... CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!
Perfect 5 out of 5! WELL-DONE

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WIN 2 Tickets to "The Frita Showdown"

a Cuban dish with a seasoned ground beef patty (sometimes mixed with chorizo) on Cuban bread topped with shoestring potatoes, lettuce, onions, and a spiced ketchup sauce.

If you haven't heard, this juicy Cuban creation has been taking over the South Florida burger scene. Burger Beast and Magic City Casino are ready to show it off at the 1st Annual - FRITA SHOWDOWN on Wednesday, August 14th.

You want to go?
Simply fill out the raffle form below to be entered...
Drawing will be held at Midnight this Friday, Aug 9th

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner Will Receive 2 General Admission / All You Can Eat Tickets to the event featuring 5 Frita Cubana Restaurants:
   - Cuban Guys
   - El Mago de las Fritas,
   - El Rey de las Fritas
   - Luis Galindo’s Latin American
   - Sergio’s

*** plus Snacks & Desserts (brought to you by Azucar Ice Cream, Latin American Bakery & Cafe and Islas Canarias) with complimentary Soft Drinks (Go with the Jupiña!) and Beer.

$40 entry for tickets. (enter above for a chance to win 2 tickets)

     * click here to buy tickets before they sell out

Here's a small sample of the Frita's you may enjoy at this event:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Sharing our leftovers..." - Hot Dog Fest (Plantation)

With The Hot Dog Fest - Plantation officially over... Here's visual proof of the festivities. From over 25 food trucks to Mitchell "The Beast" finishing all 10 National Deli Hot Dogs in 2 min 11sec. #INSANITY

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The Hot Dog Fest hosted by Burger Beast & Food Truck Invasion comes to 
Plantation Heritage Park this Sunday, July 28th from 12pm - 5pm!

Come out and celebrate National Hot Dog Month by eating from the over 30 vendors selling varieties from Deep Fried Dogs to Sausages. 

And you don't want to miss the 2nd Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest host by yours truly JAMIE FRANKEL of 

Plantation Heritage Park charges:
$1.50 per person (ages 6 and up)
$8 maximum charge per car or van (six to nine occupants)
$20 maximum charge per commercial vehicle/school bus (10 or more occupants).

Prices for food vary per vendor.

Please check out the site for more info:
*Park Admission Fee is in effect.

FOOD VENDORS INCLUDE (but are not limited too):
B.C Tacos - Babe Froman - Big Belly's Deli - The Big Ragu - BITE Gastrotuck - Churrasco Grill - Cold Stone Creamery - Crazydilla - Don Monfongo - The Empanada Truck - Grill Master Cafe - HipPOPs  - Holy Smoked - Jersey Dawg - Killer Pasta - Kona Dog - La Nostra Pizza - Liquid Ice Cream - Lucille's on Wheels - Mangia Mia - Main Stop Grill - The Mediterranean Grill - Mobile Culinary Kitchen - Monster Burger - Ms. Cheezious - Palate Party - Paradise Shaved Ice - Pescados Unidos - Philly Grill - The Rolling Stove - Slow Food Truck - Sweet Sensations - Top Fries - Veggie Express - Zombie Ice

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Boca Burger Battle: Rain vs Meat... The Results

Once the rain started, it never stopped. But that didn't stop over 1,000 carnivores from making there way to Sanborn Square in Downtown Boca Raton for the 2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair. As a judge for Grill Masters Choice award, I really didn't have a great view of the event but I was told lines were long early and never slowed down. A few vendors actually ran out of samples, with the shortest lines actually being the alcohol vendors... Fans came to EAT!

The judges panel was served their first burger at 6pm, with a new contender arriving every 5 min, sprinkling in a short breaks until we sampled all 19 burgers (actually 18... Darbster Vegan Restaurant couldn't brave the rain and was a no show). Overall expectations were high but the rain can really kill ones mood. It seemed as though that held true for most of the entries we tasted at the judges table but sampling 18 burgers can be a challenge. One or two bites is enough. No need to get sick, although the post-event #MeatSweats definitely hit me hard.

Along with 10 other judges, I was extremely pleased to share the panel with fellow burger blogger Sef - Burger Beast ( & Rey De La Osa of Publix Apron Cooking School. #MeatMemory

Lets break down the contenders:
* Judging was a blind tasting. But some were just obvious...

1) The first burger is always the toughest to judge but with the sesame seed bun, flavored popcorn, thick cut bacon & signature Charm Sauce (Rebel House), this burger wasn't hard to give a sold score too.
2) Morton's of Boca (FAN FAVORITE WINNER) really had a poor showing to the judges. My burger was 100% RARE. Barely seared. It was hard to even take a bite. The flavors were good but RARE! Come on!

Then the alternative burgers arrived:
3) This mahi-mahi sandwich (hard to call it a burger), was cooked well and had a nice sauce to compliment the fish.
4) Then this vegan option from 4th Generation Market arrived that made it hard to swallow. This is no knock on the vegan's way of life but this particular "burger" was not executed well at all. Over cooked. Soggy home-made bun & unknown stuffed ingredients. But for some reason the "burger" served to other judges voted it their favorite. (BEST ALTERNATIVE WINNER)

5) This BBQ Brisket topped burger was presented nicely & as we all know, you eat with your eyes. Thats about where it ended. The pickled onions really overpowered the non melted cheddar, brisket & beef sitting between the texas toast. Gimme-A-Burger has had better showings in the past.
6) Finally. A burger worth raving about. BITE Gastrotruck - This double patty with thick melted cheese topped with a perfectly caramelized sweet onion jam blew everyone away at the judges table. Scoring, by far, the highest overall score. (GRILLMASTER AWARD & BEST IN SHOW)

7) As we hit the backstretch of burgers, the meat started to taste generic. This burger rally had nothing to wow my taste buds but was cooked perfectly. The small taste portion was disappointing. I could of had more...
8) This entry was one of the obvious ones... Check out the serving tray and you'll know who it is. If you haven't been there yet. Do it! Very fresh beef & toppings. Perfectly seasoned. A true american burger! (Shake Shack - Boca)

9) Another solid beef burger topped with caramelized onions and way too many jalapeños. And for the judges, a very small 1/4 size portion to sample. Sometimes you need more than 1 bite...
10) Now this was true presentation. A truffle slider with pickled cucumber topped with a ginger-beer shot. Too bad the meat quality was better. Would of scored higher. This burger from Potions in Motion did score 2nd in Judges Choice & 3rd in Fan Voting...

11) Creativity from Ex-pe-ri-ence Catering on their burger was there but execution fell short. I liked the idea of placing a burger between 2 waffles but all I tasted was syrup. No meat flavor, No Bacon flavor, No mushroom jam or cheese. All syrup.
12)  The Sybarite Pig offered a great flavor combination of Tri-Tip Beef and Duck Fat, house-made pickles & havarti cheese. Scored well on my sheet but fell short on other judges palates.

13) Another high score for creativity that fell just short on flavor. Heavy cream cheese taste mixed with the cucumber & coleslaw lacked a certain asian flair that Kapow! Noodle Bar is known for.
14) Then it was time for breakfast. This, possibly frozen patty, burger was topped with bacon, egg & cheese on a brioche bun. Fun. Sort of inventive. Short on meat quality.

15) As we headed down the home stretch I looking for that one or two more stand outs of the bunch. This entry reach that expectation. A chorizo & cheese slider, from Reds Backwood BBQ, on thinly sliced home-made crust-ini with chipotle dipping sauce hit on all flavor cylinders.
16) But the next entry brought me back down to earth. This was a classic bacon cheese burger with red onion, lettuce and tomato. Good flavor, just nothing stood out with this one...

17) This was another basic bacon cheese slider. With thick cut, under cooked bacon that was a bit too soft to even chew.
18) As we reached the end of the burger judging journey the only entry to serve a pretzel bun arrived from Butcher & Burger (Boca Mall)! It brought a smile to my face to see this but again, lack of execution hurt my stomach. Slightly undercooked (pretty much raw), non melted cheese and just way too much of a burger to eat when raw.


Community Chip "Fan Favorite"
   3rd - Potions in Motion
    2nd - Rebel House
     1st - Morton's Steakhouse
Grillmaster's Award
   3rd - Shake Shack
    2nd - Potions in Motion
     1st - Bite Gastrotruck (BEST IN SHOW)
Best Alternative Burger
   4th Generation Organic Market

A HUGE thank you goes out to Russell, Robert and their entire & The Bites! Network staff for fighting through the rain for a second straight year to still host a great event. Also a standing ovation to Wes Bonner "Chief Grill Master" for making the judges we're well taken care of. 1,000+ people who showed up validate that. Here's just a few more photos from the Judges table.